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Tinplate Packing Trends
Edit:   Date: 2017-8-22

  According to 2013-2017 Report and Analysis of Tinplate Packing Container Prospect and Investment Strategy,

Tinplate Packing has been one of the most important material in the packaging industry, because of its strong quality, high flexibility and versatility. Thus,all kinds of countries think highly of tinplate containers, which is the most volume used to package.

   With the increasing demand of tin boxes, though soaring cost of workers and material, automantic machines to produce tin boxes are necessary. The advantages overweigh its disavantages. Not only the quality, but the management.Tindy Tin Corp. has been one of the leading manufacturers in tin boxes to impose automantic machine in 2013. At that time, its purpose is to serve an order of millions of handle tins from USA.

   In 2016, higher requirements are introduced by Chinese Packing Industry, both quantity and quality. It is this year sales of metal packing containers surpassed 75 billion dollar. It is a record year, of course. That means the industry enter a new booming period.

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